VARSOVIA PIANO TRIO, whose line-up consists of Ewa Skardowska- piano, Adam Zarzycki- violin  and Piotr Hausenplas- cello, was formed in 2004. The artistic aim of the group is to popularize the chamber music grand repertoire,  including the Polish one. The members of Trio called it “Varsovia” because all are graduates from the Chopin Academy of Music in Warsaw (now the Frederick Chopin University of Music). Varsovia Piano Trio has given concerts in Poland, France, Slovenia, Turkey, Denmark, Romania, Moldavia, Finland, Byelorussia, North Irland, Czech Republic, Georgia, Egipt, China and The Great Britain where it received audience recognition as well as excellent critics’ reviews. The group’s output includes a Polish music CD (with works by Panufnik, Różycki, Kulenty and Chmielarz), recorded for DUX Recordings in 2006 and CD “Chopin& Dobrzyński” /Orfeus Music/2013. In the summer of 2009  Varsovia Piano Trio performed Polish music in Belfast/ Ireland during “Polska !Year” in the Great Britain, than appeared in Tempelinaukio/Helsinki on the concert of 20 years of Polish Democracy, and soon after  opened   the Chopin’s Year in the Minsk Philharmony, Byelorussia. In August ‘2009 VPT performed Haydn, Beethoven and Chopin Trios during 50th International Chopin Festival in Marienbad, Chech Republic. In December the members of  VPT had an honour to initiate the Chopin’s Year in the Conservatory of Tbilisi, and in February ’2010 they gave the Polish –Egiptian recital in Palace Ghuri, Kair. In October 2010 VPT performed during the II International Chamber Music Festival in Bei-jin/China and soon after in few biggest cities of Turkey. In Poland VPT performed besides the others in” National Philharmony (2008), Chopin University of Music (2009, 2011), Philharmony of Opole (2013) << in the program the group included “Dvorak’s Dumki and Tschaikovsky-The Great Trio Aminor>>; Philharmony of Kielce (2010). Since 2010 VPT cooperates with Kurylewicz’s Artistic Cellar to promote works of Andrzej Kurylewicz. Project “” was presented at the Studio of Polish Radio and Television S-1 in Warsaw, Och-Theatre  as well as, with success, in Steinway Hall, London (2011). In last few months VPT gave also chamber music concerts during International Festivals of Music in Świebodzin and Zamość.